Videos related to Bacterial Light Scatter

These videos are produced to enable you to use the Elastic Light Scatter technology in the lab. There are several parts to the training. 


1. General Instrument use

     a. How to run a plate

     b. Adding a new plate

     c. How to set up network on database software


2. About Classification and Clustering (3 Parts)

     a.Introduction to classification and clustering (pt1) (3 min)

     b. Creating a Trainign Set (pt2) (7min)

     c. Operating the software for a Training set (pt3) (9min)

3. Data Analysis Software Overview  (7,im)

4. Testing Unknown Samples (5min)

5. About Baclan Database  (10 min)

6. PlateSieve - how to clean the database  (7 min)


Additonal Training Videos

Some of these videos are several years old - but show an evolution of development of the technology


Quick overviews - with an audio explanation

1. A general review of current instruments (6 Megs) Right click to download video

2. Basic principles of Light scatter (16 megs) - Right click to download video


Youtube Videos:

These are on Youtube:

1. Hettich Beam Video

2. Microbial Classification using the BEAM

3. Using the remote monitor

4. Hettich Beam Video

5. Beam 4 - 10242015

6. Beam 4 - alternative video

7. General video on light scatter

8. Automation system


Odd things....

1. Bacterial (E.coli)growing on agar - single organism doubling

2. Bacterial (E.coli) growing on agar - single organism doubling- 2nd video



Powerpoint slide sets related to Bardot technology

1. demo 1  bardot for biodefense

2. demo 2   csfe  2007 presentation

3. Demo 3  csfe  revised 2008

4. Demo 4  JPR bardot overview 2014

5. Demo 5  quantification of light scatter....

6. Demo 6   automation software 




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