PUCL Job#1345 Flow Specialist Univ Alabama (posted Sept 21)

FLOW CYTOMETRY SPECIALIST (RESEARCHER III) at the University of Alabama at Birmingham

 - (T189172)

 Position Summary

The Flow Cytometry and Single Cell Services (FCSC) Core is looking to hire a full-time Flow Cytometry Specialist at the level of Researcher III. Moreover, the ideal candidate will also be enthusiastic about helping the 200+ users of the FCSC Core and assisting with their flow cytometry, cell sorting, and data analysis needs.

Duties and Responsibilities:

·       Responsible for maintaining Core flow cytometry instruments (3 Aria cell sorters, 2 Melody cell sorters, 2 BD FACS Symphony flow cytometers, 1 LSRII flow cytometer, 1 Attune NXT flow cytometer, 1 Calibur flow cytometer, 1 ImageStream imaging cytometer), including daily start-up procedures, calibration of lasers and detectors, basic cleaning protocols, routine instrument maintenance, and shut-down procedures.

·       Trains new users on how to operate the instruments and associated software. 

·       Responsible for operating the cell sorters and working with the users (customers) to perform cell-sorting procedures to obtain the required cell populations.

·       Consults with users and advises them on experimental design and procedures appropriate for their experiments. 

·       Coordinates with other Core personnel to ensure that users' experiments are scheduled appropriately and that instruments are available according to the schedule.

·       Responsible for performing cell staining protocols (surface, cytoplasmic, nuclear), labeling cells using fluorescent dyes (CTV, CFSE, PI, Hoescht, MitoTrackers, etc.), and will assist users with these methods by providing protocols, hands-on training, and guidance as users acquire data on the cytometers. 

·       Responsible for general administrative duties in the Core, including ordering supplies, maintaining records of experiments and instrument use, arranging service for the instruments. 

·       Participates in Core training, education, and outreach activities as appropriate.

·       Performs other duties as assigned.


Master's degree in a related field OR Bachelor s degree in a related field and two (2) years of related experience OR Associate's degree in a related field and four (4) years of related experience required. Work experience may NOT substitute for education requirements.

The ideal candidate will have a bachelor's degree in biological or biotechnical sciences and will likely have flow cytometry and cell-sorting experience.

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