PUCL Job#1340 - Research Assoc. (Cytof) (Sept 4, 2021)

Research Associate (CyTOF)
Fremont, CA


CellCarta is seeking a Research Associate to join our team in Fremont, California. Reporting to the Associate Director of Cytometry and CyTOF, the Research Associate - CyTOF will perform complex immune monitoring assays for clinical samples. Additionally, the incumbent will participate in writing of procedures (SOP/CSP), train other laboratory personnel on technical procedures/methods, record associated documentation relevant to the tasks at hand as per appropriate SOP and applicable GLP regulations and GCLP guidelines.



·       Conduct complex experiments (blood processing, cell cryopreservation, multi-parametric CyTOF assays)

·       Prepares and reviews documents for laboratory assay work including assay forms and / or worksheets.

·       Assists in the planning of experiments and helps in various activities (scheduling, preparation of reagents, documentation, etc.) pertaining to the optimal operation of a clinical laboratory.

·       Trains other laboratory members on complex immunoassay methods for CyTOF. 

·       Write Equipment and Method SOP/CSP as required

·       Maintains all records and documents relevant to the tasks performed in the laboratory in compliance with GLP/GCP regulations and GCLP guidelines.


  • Bachelor's or Master's degree in Life Sciences, preferably Immunology, Cell/Molecular Biology or other Biomedical Sciences

Experience and Skills

  • Minimum of 1 year experience in a biomedical research lab (academic or industry).
  • Experience working with primary mammalian cells is preferred. In particular, treating or processing blood, cryopreserving cells, working with biohazardous materials in a sterile BSL2 environment, performing cell culture, staining and analyzing cells by flow cytometry are relevant experiences.
  • Ability to understand and adhere to laboratory guidelines, and local, state, and federal health and safety procedures.
  • Good organizational and documentation skills.
  • Team player and proficient communicator using email, chat messaging, and video messaging.

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