PUCL Job#1255 Medical Technologist โ€“ Flow Cytometry

Job Title:  Medical Technologist – Flow Cytometry


Hours:  Full-Time, 11am-7:30pm


Hospital Name:  Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Chicago IL


Job Link:


Recruiter Contact:  Jason Brau (




  • Performs all aspects of pre-analytic workflow appropriate for the specific laboratory section to ensure orders are entered correctly, specimens collected are appropriate for the test ordered and are correctly process/transported
  • Verifies order where necessary
  • Verifies non-patient information (e.g., collection time) according to established protocol
  • Handles unresolved orders, troubleshoots where needed
  • Verifies with physician and/or nurses prior to LIS order entry to resolve unclear, duplicate or otherwise ambiguous orders
  • Verifies specimens for add-on tests are available and acceptable and generates add-on test orders
  • Recognizes when fraud and abuse compliance issues require adjustments to the test order
  • Performs specimen preparation:
    • Performs any necessary pretest specimen preparation according to protocols (e.g., microbiology plating, cell cultures, filtering, extraction, separation, elution absorption, etc.)
  • Maintains test system integrity:
    • Performs preventative maintenance on instruments/equipment in a timely fashion according to defined schedule
    • Verifies reagents and supplies meet defined acceptability criteria upon receipt and prior to use
    • Takes action to ensure unacceptable items are removed from use
    • Ensures that sufficient reagents and supplies necessary for test performance are available
    • Notifies senior staff when minimum inventory level is encountered
    • Performs and records all necessary quality control (QC) required for test system performance
    • Evaluates QC results and takes necessary corrective actions according to established protocol


  • Collecting, receiving and processing of specimens:
    • Verifies specimens are correctly and completely labeled upon receipt; Evaluates specimens for appropriateness and takes necessary corrective action; Appropriately documents unacceptable specimens
    • Prioritizes specimen processing based on established priorities
    • Aliquots specimens according to established protocols; Recognizes when fraud and abuse compliance issues require adjustments to the test order; Performs all aspects of analytical testing appropriate for the specific laboratory section
  • Performs tests:
    • Prioritizes testing based on assignment or established priorities, completes testing within defined turn-around-times
    • Recognizes the need for and follows any age-specific protocols
    • Responds effectively to changes in the workflow by coordinating a simultaneous series of tests when needed or adjusting work to incorporate STAT tests or fluctuations in work volume
    • Monitors daily workflow, overseeing and adjusting staff assignments (e.g., breaks, tasks) and priorities, to meet service level
  • Performs technical review and interpretation:
    • Reviews results for completeness, correctness, and consistency within defined test system
    • Evaluates test results/reactions and provides accurate interpretations as appropriate to include correlation with, and integration of, other patient data as necessary
    • Performs visual interpretation/identifications as appropriate
    • Recognizes unusual test results/interpretations and complete indicated reflex testing or other follow-up actions
    • Follows established notification protocols for critical values, phone/fax results requests, abnormalities
  • Troubleshoots and solves problems
    • Recognizes test system performance problems and takes necessary corrective actions
    • Recognizes when unresolved problems need to be escalated and takes necessary follow-up action
    • Prints pending logs and follows-up to ensure pending tests are completed or cancelled when appropriate
  • Post-test specimen storage
    • Stores specimens and related materials (blood, slides, tissues, etc) according to protocols for location and duration
    • Retrieves specimen and related materials when needed




  • Bachelors Degree in Medical Technology, Chemistry, Biology, or Allied Health
  • Appropriate education credits as defined in CLIA 88 regulations to qualify individual as a Medical Technologist.
  • ASCP MT Certification



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