PUCL Job#1190 Flow Specialist - Univ Lausanne (Posted July 15, 2018)

The Flow Cytometry Facility (FCF) of the University of Lausanne is recruiting a Flow Cytometry Operator/Specialist



Profile of an ideal candidate


The successful candidate will have extensive knowledge of flow cytometry instrumentation and experience in both sorting and analytical flow cytometry. They will be highly motivated, have good organizational skills, enjoy teaching and like working in a team. A passionate interest in flow cytometry is essential. A biological background is not essential but would be an advantage.


Description of the tasks and responsibilities of the job


The successful candidate will be based at the FCF’s main laboratory situated within the Department of Oncology in Epalinges. He or she will receive additional training in flow cytometry sorting and imaging flow cytometry if required.


  • Operate the 2 Aria sorters (3 laser Aria II and 5 laser Aria III) situated at the Epalinges site in coordination with other FCF staff
  • Operate and provide data analysis of the ImageStream imaging flow cytometer located in Epalinges in coordination with other FCF staff
  • Supervise the use of the Flow Cytometry analytical instruments in Epalinges (currently one 3 laser FACS Canto, one 4-laser Cytoflex, one 5 laser Fortessa, two 4 laser LSR IIs, one 5 laser LSR II SORP and the ImageStream)
  • Provide trouble shooting, simple repairs and daily maintenance of all flow cytometry instruments
  • Provide training and assistance to flow cytometry instrument users
  • Promote new flow cytometry-based technologies (mulit-parameter analysis, imaging flow cytometry, high-speed sorting, functional assays etc).


Organization of the job


The successful candidate will respond to Dr Anne Wilson, Coordinator of the FCF, and will work in collaboration with the 3 flow cytometry specialists employed by the FCF. 

Interested individuals should log onto here 

to lodge their application

For further information concerning the FCF, please consult our website ( or concerning the position, please contact Dr Anne Wilson (


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