PUCL Job#1149 - Director Adv Microscopy Facility (U.Virginia) (posted 10/09/17)

Title:Assistant or Associate Professor or Professor of Research Support– Director of the Advanced Microscopy Facility


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School:                       School of Medicine


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An Assistant or Associate Professor or Professor of Research Support position (depending on qualifications) serving as the Director of the Advanced Microscopy Facility is currently open.  Applicants must have an advanced degree in the biological sciences with minimum five years of dedicated experience in the field of microscopy including but not limited to: confocal/multiphoton microscopy, super-resolution microscopy, scanning and transmission electron microscopy. Primary responsibilities include:  day-to-day leadership and operation of a core service laboratory, consultation with and support of investigators who use microscopy approaches and the shared instrumentation of the Advanced Microscopy Facility in their research; performing specialized techniques for sample preparation, imaging, and analysis; training scientists and students in the use of microscopes and associated instrumentation; supervising and training laboratory technicians; drafting grant applications for the acquisition of instrumentation; drafting text for the support of investigator publications and grant applications.  The core Director will be expected to work closely with the Associate Dean for Research Infrastructure and the Office of Research Core Administration to ensure integration of the Advanced Microscopy Facility with other institutional research resources as well as the effective and efficient management of the core.   The Director would also be expected to offer annual workshops and training programs for students and faculty highlighting existing microscopy instrumentation and introducing new microscopy technology/instrumentation.



To be competitive, applicants must have an advanced degree in the biological sciences with solid background in applying a wide range of imaging and imaging analysis techniques in biological systems, including cell and tissue samples. Five to ten years of post-graduate experience involving microscopy technology is preferred.  The individual must have in-depth knowledge of principles and application of light and electron microscopy. In addition, the individual must have strong interpersonal skills, be outgoing, energetic, service-oriented and capable of positively interacting with a diverse group of scientists both in the University and with partners outside of the University.  A background in scientific/laboratory management is desirable.


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