PUCL Job#1139 - EXPERIENCED MOFLO CELL SORTER Operator (NIH Baltimore, MD) (Posted June 19, 2017)

MoFlo Cell Sorter Experience - NIH - Baltimore, MD


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We seek an EXPERIENCED MOFLO CELL SORTER (especially a Beckman Coulter Moflo) to work with the National Institutes of Health in Baltimore, Maryland in the Flow Core.


This is a long-term contract position which offers Competitive salary with comprehensive benefit package.



1. PhD, MS, or BS in science with 2-7 years of experience in TASKS below.

2. Must have Experience sorting on a Beckman Coulter MoFlo high speed sorter!! (Other sorting experience on FACSARIA or analysis on FACSCanto is a plus).

3. Knowledge of managing and disposing of hazardous waste.

4. Comfortable in a flow core lab supporting all areas of research.

5. Strong communication and organizational skills.



1. Independently serve as primary operator for CELL SORTING on the Beckman Coulter XDP MoFlo high speed cell sorter with some use of BD FACSAria SORP II and backup on the BioRad S3 sorter and Sony-iCyt Reflection with 3 Highly Automated Parallel Sorters (HAPS).

2. Independently optimize high-power lasers; tune laser wavelengths to excitation frequencies necessary for novel fluorochromes or techniques; reconfigure bandpass and directional (dichroic) optical filters to appropriately measure cellular fluorescence.

3. Design new protocols for sorting and optimize sorting parameters along with verification of sorting purities/efficiencies. Understand compensation and the complexities of polychromatic flow cytometry from 6 -15 colors.

4. Serve as backup operator for flow cytometry analysis on BD FACSCanto II analyzer.

5. Alter PMT and filter orientations to accommodate the use of non-routine or novel fluorochromes used for immunophenotypic analysis of human peripheral blood cells, human and mouse embryonic stem cells (ES), and induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC), cellular organelles such as mitochondria, nuclei, or exosomes, and fluorescent proteins expressed using viral transgenes, or other fluorescent makers measuring cell cycle or cellular metabolic activities.

6. Perform routine maintenance on instruments; resolve instrument technical issues; document usage of instruments.

7. Provide sample preparation, staining, data acquisition and analysis for a). immunophenotypic samples, b). cell cycle samples, including preparation of custom non-commercial reagents, c). assess the appropriate methodology for NIA IRP investigator samples; carry out either proof-of-principle and/or routine experiments for users in order to ensure the validity and integrity of the results and the most efficient use of IRP resources.

8. Provide support data analysis, including export and presentation of graphic files for inclusion into scientific publications.

9. Independently analyze data with flow cytometry software packages (FloJo, FCS express, MultiCycle, VenturiOne); ensure that software updates are current.

10. Maintain core laboratory records as they pertain to instrument usage and performance, including daily quality control.

11. Evaluate current/proposed protocols for validity and make modifications to NIA IRP investigator protocols to ensure the validity of the resulting experimental data; conserve reagent and sample resources.

12. Prepare educational materials for facility users; provide Pub-Med searches for a variety of alternative protocols and flow cytometric approaches to experimental questions.

13. Maintain and review core records and ensure electronic records of data on the sorters are backed up and maintained.

14. Maintain research database for laboratory unit; schedule and maintain an accurate tracking system for all activities, including research documentation.

15. Maintain a safe work environment in accordance with policies/procedures and OSHA safe laboratory practices especially when sorting biohazardous materials; ensure others are aware of the potential safety hazards.    

16. Engage in continuing scientific and technical education; participate in flow cytometry forums and discussions.

17. Develop and maintain good-working relationships with service personnel of flow cytometry-related instrumentation.

18. Observe and maintain inventory levels for laboratory supplies and equipment for the facility; generate purchase requests for needed supplies and equipment.

19. Other duties are required in support of the flow cytometry laboratory core required for either analysis and sorting of users’ samples.

20. Provide backup support for complex data acquisition on the BD LSRII, including samples stained with UV-exciting dyes, cell cycle markers and fluorescent tracking/expression proteins; provide software upgrade training on instrument.


SUBMIT RESUMES to with Subject: Moflo Baltimore.



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