PUCL Job#1135 - Lab Manager FLow - (Posted May 17, 2017)

**This position of PLM Lab Manager is for our FLOW Cytometry department. The ideal candidate will have a Certified Medical Technologist background. Previous Experience in Clinical Flow Cytometry. Experience in all Phases of personnel management  (Selection, disciplinary action, coach counseling, all phases of disciplinary actions, performance evaluations, work schedules, setting goals, mentoring).


  • Strong human resources management skills
  • Experience in High Volume testing
  • Experience in Academic Hospital setting (working directly with faculty member)
  • Strategic Planning
  • Regulatory Agencies expertise (CAP/CLIA/JCAHO)
  • CPT Coding, Patient billing
  • Financial Experience (Budget, purchasing approvals, expense review, )
  • Selection of Capital Equipment
  • Writing and Reviewing Procedures
  • Familiar with a Procedure Software Package such as Master Control or equivalent


Demonstrates the job knowledge and proficiency to monitor, evaluate and improve the quality, efficiency and appropriateness of testing, personnel practices, continuing ed and reg compliance issues:

• Intricately involved in the development of strategies, policies and goals which assures the success of team efforts.
• Demonstrates cooperation by working harmoniously with co-workers, throughout the division and
institution and initiates and maintains collaborative efforts with others in the institution.
• Demonstrates the ability to create cohesive and productive work groups, organized around clearly
delineated roles, purposes and goals. Motivates the group to monitor and modify its performance. •Assures the success of projects and other activities.
• Demonstrates dependable attendance and punctuality in accordance with division’s policy while
maintaining a flexible schedule to meet the demands of the job. •Establishes, monitors and reviews quality control procedures, turn-around-time technical and administrative
policies recommending corrective action when required while assuring compliance with regulatory
• Identifies, evaluates and monitors quality improvement monitors. Complies and reports quality
improvement data in a format which facilitates review by division CQI committee.


Administers, implements, coordinates and develops human and material resources into dynamic organizational teams to achieve productivity goals and objectives of the Division and Section:

• Establishes and develops recruitment, hiring and retention practices and policies which assure appropriate
staffing. Effectively evaluates applicants after conducting in-depth and incisive interviews.
• Orients and evaluates performance of employees based on standardized methods that adhere to regulatory
and institutional guidelines.


Assesses Budgetary activities and develops productivity levels sufficient to meet time constraints established for procedures. Develop, monitor and adhere to financial plans focusing on cost benefits:

• Accurately predicts or projects expense levels for section’s budgetary guidelines. Monitors the finances of the section through budget review of various institutional financial activity reports, responding to significant changes/variances as necessary.
• Demonstrates innovative expertise in reducing expenses in regard to both personnel and material resource management.
• Maintains an adequate knowledge of purchasing systems, policies and procedures; negotiates optimal vendor contracts.
• Promotes and facilitates sectional and inter-sectional crosstraining of employees to increase operational efficiency and broaden technical competency



Bachelor's degree in Medical Technology or related Allied Health field.

Seven years experience in an allied health care or basic science field to include two years in a supervisory capacity.

Certified in one or more of the Allied Health Programs.


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