PUCL Job#1111 - Sr Res. Tech. Washington Univ, St. Louis (Posted 11-11-16)

Senior Research Technician - Center For Human Immunology at Washington University in St. Louis



Listing Number 34914


Job Summary


The Immunomonitoring core laboratory (IML) has an immediate opening for a high- level senior research technician (SRT) to operate and maintain sophisticated flow cytometers (LSRFortessa X-20 and CyTOF2) for biomarker analysis of research and patient-derived samples.  The position will also include operation and maintenance of a BD FACSAria Fusion cell sorter.


IML website:


Duties & Responsibilities


Work will include cell culture and sample staining, buffer preparation, routine equipment maintenance and general laboratory responsibilities. The position will also evaluate and troubleshoot technical problems and assist in experimental design/protocol development, data acquisition and analysis.



Master’s degree with 2 years of experience in a laboratory setting or equivalent combination of education and experience equaling 7 years required.

Experience working with cell culture, including primary patient material, is highly desirable. Experience in flow cytometry and/or immunoassay production is desirable but not essential since full training will be provided. Prior experience in mass spectrometry is a plus. 


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