PUCL Job#1107 --Sr. Res. Asst. Memorial Sloan Kettering - (Posted Nov 2, 2016)

Senior Research Assistant (full-time)
Immune Monitoring Core Facility at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Position Description: Apply immunological and technical expertise towards the implementation of cutting edge high dimensional flow cytometry technology and associated data analysis tools in support of immune monitoring of pre-clinical and clinical cancer immunotherapy studies, with focus on developing, building, and validating ~30 parameter multicolor flow cytometry assays (including antibody panel development for surface and intracellular staining and downstream data analysis using appropriate bioinformatics software) on a BD Fortessa X-50 (FACSymphony) for cancer immunology research and clinical trial sample testing.  Broad experience in immunology, biostatistics, working with human clinical samples, and the use of flow cytometry for biomarker discovery is desirable but not required.  
Qualifications: Minimum Master's of Science in Biology and/or other science related courses and at least 7-10 yrs experience in multiparameter flow cytometry techniques and complex data analysis using relevant flow cytometry, graphing, and software tools (familiarity with SPADE, viSNE, etc., a plus); experience in immunological assay development/validation and working with human clinical samples would be desirable.  Detail-oriented and excellent organizational and communication capabilities required.  
Please send a cover letter and CV to: 
Phillip Wong at: 


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