PUCL Job#1092 FLOW OPERATOR Baltimore (posted Aug 3, 2016)


The Flow Cytometry and Immune Monitoring Core is seeking a highly motivated scientist with knowledge in the field of flow cytometry and cell sorting.  The primary responsibility of this position is to independently operate multi-laser, state-of the-art flow sorters.  This individual will collaborate closely with investigators and numerous laboratories to design and execute experiments involving cell sorting.  This individual will also assist in supporting and overseeing several FacsCalibur, LSRII and LSR-Fortessa analysis units.



  • Provides high-level operation, troubleshooting and maintenance of multi-laser, state-of the-art flow sorters.
  • Collaborates with the multiple principal investigators and their personnel to design appropriate flow cytometry and sorting studies.
  • Schedules work, ensures proper maintenance of all equipment and troubleshoots multiple cell sorting and FACS analysis instruments. Current instruments include BD Influx, BD FACS Aria II, BD FACS Aria III BSL3 level, BD LSRII, BD LSRFortessa and BD FACSCALIBUR instruments.
  • Provides technical oversight of all instrumentation in the core laboratory.  
  • Trains users in the proper use of the user-based instruments. 
  • Demonstrates good oral and written communication skills and basic knowledge of computer programs such as MS Word and Excel.



Candidates should have a BS degree with 2 years flow cytometry/cell sorting experience.


Interested parties should contact:

Core Director, Julie Nauroth, Ph.D. at


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