Interesting papers on EVS


39532-2011-Detection and isolation of cell-derived microparticles are compromised by protein complexes resulting from shared biophysical parameters.pdf
86284-2012-Single vs. swarm detection of microparticles and exosomes.pdf
86441-2014-label-free detection and molecular profiling of exosomes with a nano-plasmonic sensor.pdf
86442-2014-Emerging role of extracellular vesicles in inflammatory diseases.pdf
86445-2014-Integrated immunoisolation and protein analysis of circulating exosomes using microfluidic technology.pdf
86461-Single cell analysis using surface enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) tags.pdf
86475-Size Differentiation and Absolute Quantification of Gold Nanoparticles via Single Particle Detection with a Laboratory-Built High-Sensitivity Flow Cytometer.pdf
86480-16 AC Microvesicle proteomics.pdf
86483-15 LOC Microvesicle enrichment M. Evander.pdf
86761-2016-ECV round off communicators in neuroscience.pdf
These might be quick reads
87547-Biological reference materials for extracellular vesicle studies
87592-10-June-Exosomes in a bottle


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