Tutorials (mainly for Cytof users)


1. Initial Ideas (Sept 26, 2010) 

2. Here are the general  tutorials (General PlateAnalyser)

3. Specific tutorial for Bodenmiller data only (37 meg)

4. DebarCoding Cytof data  Tutorial is here (4.6 meg)

5.Showing a barcoding data set Video Checker (2 dec) (5meg)

6.A second data set barcoding Video Starsnstripes (2 dec - low audio sorry!) (7meg)

7. March 8, 2012 - New Drugbox controls

Additional Cytof Tutorials


CyTOF only:

Special Program for De-Barcoding (see tutorial) (modified Dec 2, 2011 - you can now leave in the barcoded data (check) or leave it out.

Advanced Very High Content (VHC) Analysis (CyTOF data)

1. Cytof data from Bernd Bodenmiller (43 raw variables inc 7 barcodes with 2.3 Million cells) (actually this analysis video uses all 2.3 million cells not just 10% as I say in the video...OR WATCH THIS ON YOUTUBE ITS FASTER so it's a pretty big data set and still operates interactively in real time) 7.5 min




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