PUCL Job#1132 technologist cytometry NIH Bethesda )Posted 04/18/2017)

ATTENTION: The Center for Human Immunology (CHI) at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in Bethesda, MD has an opening technologist position (contractor) for an individual with a background in immunology/cytometry. The successful candidate will be part of the flow cytometry and proteomics team of CHI.  This team is primarily devoted to performing immunophenotyping using flow and mass cytometry, and measuring soluble proteins using multiplex bead arrays (Luminex) and SomaScan technologies.


For a full list of job-related tasks and employment requirements, please refer to the attached document. 


To Apply: Please submit a cover letter and current copy of your recent CV directly to Angélique Biancotto Ph.D. at


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