Global Health Volume 1

NOTE: This DVD contains media which may require additional software for viewing. See included software and suggested downloads.


This DVD is Volume 1 in the Purdue Global Health Disc Series and brings together information on health programs worldwide, with focus on infectious disease, primarily malaria, TB and HIV/AIDS. This project provides a current resource that defines and identifies quality programs in a growing and confusing field. Included are individuals and organizations that meet the following criteria for integrity and success in their efforts to combat infectious disease and/or promote global health.

The accompanying booklet contains a one-page summary of each project. There are numerous programs large and small, using a variety of approaches and technologies. The goal of this publication project, as with our others in the past, is education. We intend to expose people interested in Global Health to new ideas as well as to provide information on established programs. We thank our sponsors Sony DADC, Beckman Coulter, Roche and Parker for their support. This disc, as with all previous discs, would not be possible without them.