A workshop on Multicolor Fluorescence Compensation for Flow Cytometry


The costs for production of this CD-ROM version of this workshop were provided by MMK, Inc. Dr. Bartek Rajwa of PUCL edited the video material and managed the creation of the video files provided.

Please note: you MUST check if you have the Xvid or 3ivx codecs installed. These codecs are free and can be downloaded from the Web. For your convenience we included the Xvid codec on this CD-ROM. Click here to install it. Mac users can download the 3ivx codec from here.


Software requirements

A video player (Windows Media Player, BSPlayer, The Core Player, Viplay, etc), XVID codec or compatible (like ffdshow). Mac, Amiga and BeOS users may try 3ivx codec. The XVID Source Code for you to play with.
Frequently Asked Questions
I click on a link to a video-file and nothing happens! If you just click on a link, your computer tries to download the file to your cache to play it instantly. Since the files are quite large it takes a lot of time. Try to save them on your disk (Right-click and choose "Save target as..."). You can play them later on as many times you want!
I downloaded the files and still I cannot play these videos on my computer! You haven't installed the proper codecs. Try XVID codec if you own a PC (running Windows) or 3ivx codec if you own a Mac.
Why have you compressed the videos using XVID and not DivX or WMV codecs? XVID is an Open Source project, therefore a chance to find a decoder for less popular operating systems is bigger than in the case of DivX or WMV.
I would prefer QuickTime video format... I want RealVideo format... We are not planning to support those technologies. However, you may convince us if you donate commercial compressors allowing us to test these formats.
The sound is OK, but not as good as I would expect. Sometimes I cannot hear some questions asked from the audience! We are sorry. Not all people used microphones when questions were asked. The quality of the original sound was not very high. In fact, we had to process it to remove some hiss and noise.
I would prefer a disk which will be playable in a standalone DVD player. I don't want to use computer to watch these videos. We can prepare a VCD (MPEG-1 compression) or a SVCD (MPEG-2). These formats are playable in standard DVD players. If you want a DVD (better quality than VCD) we can cut a DVD-R disk for you. However, we cannot guarantee that such a recordable DVD will work with every player. Please contact Bartek Rajwa (rajwa at flowcyt.cyto.purdue.edu) for details.
I represent a biotechnology/pharmaceutical company. We would like to sponsor some future cytometry video-lectures. Can we place our commercials in these videos? Such a possibility is certainly an option. Please contact J. Paul Robinson. You can also place direct links to your websites.
More questions? For more information contact: J. Paul Robinson, Ph.D., Director PUCL, 201 South University Street., Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN 47907, USA Phone: (765)494-0757, E-mail to J. Paul Robinson (jpr at flowcyt.cyto.purdue.edu)

This CD-ROM contains the videos of a series of lectures held July 28, 2003, 1-4 PM
Carr Auditorium, San Francisco General Hospital, SF CA

Production and distribution by MMK, Inc. and PUCL at Purdue University. Video editing and sound filtering by Dr. Bartek Rajwa.