Cytometry CD 8 Disc B

A workshop on Multicolor Fluorescence Compensation for Flow Cytometry

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Basic Concepts for Compensation
Marty Bigos
Gladstone Institute of Virology and Immunology
compensation_01.avi | 27:43 | 89.1MB

The Hard, the Bad and the Ugly
Mario Roederer
Vaccine Research Center NIH
compensation_02.avi | 39:20 | 104MB

The "How-to Guide" to Compensation for Multicolor Cytometry
Nicole Baumgarth
Center for Comparative Medicine, UC Davis
compensation_03.avi | 40:02 | 140MB

Panel discussion
Nicole Baumgarth, Marty Bigos, Bill Hyun (UCSF Cancer Center), Dave Parks (Stanford University), Mario Roederer
55:48 | 184MB

This CD-ROM contains the videos of a series of lectures held July 28,2003, 1-4 PM
Carr Auditorium, San Francisco General Hospital, SF CA

Production and distribution by MMK, Inc and PUCL at Purdue University. Video editing and sound filtering by Dr. Bartek Rajwa.