This material was originally published in the Purdue Cytometry CD-ROM Series,volume 3


A. Cossarizza

It has always been a dream of mine to write an introduction, so I thought it worthwhile to organize a course of Flow Cytometry and so publish the relative book. Thus a dream come true:

With "Cytometry" we intend the measurement of some physical or chemical characteristics of a cell. Today we can measure other biological particles or organelles as well. Flow cytometry is when the measurements are taken when the cells, or other particles, pass through a flow, possibly in a single line. All has to be lightened, so that an eventual fluorescent signal can be kept, transmitted, analyzed and hopefully, PUBLISHED. As many of you imagine, this is all I recall about flow cytometry. For the rest, I call some friends who are much more clever than me.

In any case, to arrive until here we took a lot of time and effects, and below you can find a short history of the fundamental moments of this discipline, from the beginning to the actual era, the "CD4-cene", thanks to which a lot of flow cytometers have been sold.

But if you have the courage and patience to read also the other pages, you will find other, more useful information!

Good luck, Andrea

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