A comprehensive, intensive HANDS-ON course on the basics of flow cytometry

analyses in the clinical laboratory covering major current clinical

applications, as well as selected advanced topics.  Emphasis is placed on

the technical aspects of the methodology and data analysis including

clinicopathologic correlation to stress the role of cytometry as part of an

integrated diagnostic approach. This session is targeted at the laboratory

technologist, supervisor and director, as well as pathologists.

Participants will take a hands-on active role in sample preparation, data

analysis, discussion of results and assessment of problems/limitations of

the technology.  The course consists of lectures (~10 hrs), hands-on core

laboratories (~20 hrs), and discussion groups (~6 hrs) covering basic and

advanced topics in clinical cytometry including immunodeficiency, acute

leukemias, lymphoproliferative disorders, minimum residual disease

detection, apoptosis, DNA/cell cycle, stem cells, and platelet analyses.

Weeklong project labs (~12 hrs) offer intensive investigation in one area.

Topics will include functional analyses, bead based analyses, and the role

of cytometry in therapeutic monitoring.  Join us for a week of fun and



Tuition: $850.00 (after June 21, 2002, $950.00)


Includes:   Registration

  Luncheons, receptions, banquet

  Comprehensive course manual



Deadline for registration is June 21, 2002.  Registration is on a first

come, first serve basis with a maximum of 48 students.



August 4-9, 2002

Northwestern University, The Feinberg School of Medicine

Chicago, Illinois



For further information, contact:  Dr. Charles Goolsby; Director, Clinical

and Research Cytometry; Department of Pathology; Northwestern University,

The Feinberg School of Medicine; Ward Building, Room 6-204; 303 East Chicago

Avenue; Chicago, IL 60611; c-goolsby@northwestern.edu

<mailto:c-goolsby@northwestern.edu>; Phone: 312/926-6948; Fax: 312/503-8249