Seeking Position at Microscopy Core Facility (USA or Canada)


Gary G. Li, Ph.D.,






Confocal laser scanning microscopy, immunofluorescent staining,

microscopy slide preparation, optical microscopy, flow cytometry and

sample preparation, molecular spectroscopy, optical spectrometry,

lasers and fiber optics, fluorescence lifetime, opt(r)ode, chemical

sensor, biosensor, biomedical and analytical instrumentation, signal

and image processing, medical electronics, computer, software

engineering, opto-mechanical design, project management.





As a biomedical microscopy core facility manager or optical biomedical

instrument research scientist, creatively apply multidisciplinary

knowledge and skills of biomedical microscopy, flow cytometry, optical

spectroscopy, biomedical instrumentation, software engineering, and

project management to provide effective solutions for challenging

scientific projects.





Diverse Knowledge, Skills and Experience in Life Science and Engineering,

Advanced applications of confocal laser scanning microscopy

(multichannel imaging, FRET, FRAP); immunofluorescent staining of

microscopy specimens;

Flow cytometry and specimen preparation;

Familiar with biomedical images processing theories and tools;

Thorough understanding of principles and applications of TIRF,

multi-photon, and super resolution microscopy techniques (STEP,


Experienced in confocal and optical microscopes, biomedical optics

and systems, and their applications in life sciences (cells, tissues

and tissue microarrays, DNA microarrays);

Biomedical applications of colorimetry and radiometry, LED lighting

devices and other lighting devices;

Fiber optic chemical and biosensors, fluorescence lifetime

biological sensing system design and opt(r)ode design;

Optical spectroscopy and spectrometers, chemical reaction dynamics,

analytical instrumentation, physical chemistry;

Electronic instrumentation & control (optics, electronics, sensing

techniques and microcomputer techniques; embedded programming);

Software engineering (Java, C++, C, assembly, Pascal, Fortran, Prolog, SQL);



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