Carlos Alberto Nahas

25 East Superior St. # 1304

Chicago, IL   60611

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Mobile Phone (312) 543-0603




Medical technologist with 20 years Clinical And Research iExperience With

Immunology , Serology Techniques And Flow Cytometry With Emphasis On HIV Diagnosis And Clinical Trials

Seeking Similar Challenging Position in Los Angeles , California.




1999-PRESENT  Northwestern University Medical School ,Chicago ,IL

Senior technologist responsible for day to day of CLIA Certified Research Flow Cytometry Laboratory for Adult HIV and Special Studies. Performs analysis procedures for several ongoing studies including MACS and ACTG .

Responsible for the operation and maintenance of the high speed multiparameter cell sorter (FACSAria)

Responsible for the training and supervision of summer students, medical students,fellows post docs. Responsible for securing CLIA certification.


1987-1998 Delboni Auriemo Clinical Laboratory , Sao Paulo , Brasil                  Medical technologist in charge of immunology and serology department

Supervised staff of 12 technicians in all phases and types of tests

Trained and supervised staff to use the following lab equipment and software:   

                 Access (Sanofi –Pasteur)

                 Flow Cytometer (Coulter)

                 Cobas Core (Roche)

                 Cobas Amplicor (Roche)

                 Magia 8000 (Merck )

                 Cap System (Pharmacia)

Responsible for cost/ benefit  evaluations  for new tests.

Final review and release of all tests results

Start up manager of molecular biology division of Delboni.

Team leader for successful ISO 9002 certification







BS in Biological Sciences-Medical modality 1987

University of Santo Amaro , Sao Paulo, Brasil



Advanced English Certificate-January 1999

ELS Language Center Concordia University

River Forest , Illinois





 30TH Brazilian Congress on Clinical Pathology    

 Co-Author of the paper: Analysis of Test results for Detection of Anti-                                                                                                                                                          

 HIV+2 Antibodies in serum Through Chemoluminescence method.

 Salvador –BA ,Brasil . August 1996


 3rd International seminar of AIDS- Participant( 4 days )March 1988


 22nd  Brazilian Congress on Allergy and Immunopathology_ Participant (4 days). November 1990


 27th Brazilian Congress on Clinical Pathology-Participant(3 days)September1993


 Academic Congress on Biomedicine (4 days)

 Lecture : Flow Cytometer for AIDS Diagnosis

 Mogi das Cruzes University November 1997


1st Sao Paulo Meeting on Hematology- Participant (2 days )August 1997.


Improving the Management of HIV Disease (1day) Participant

April 11,2001

April 16,2002

May 3,2004

May 2,2005


Great Lakes International  Imaging & Flow Cytometry Association (GLIIFCA) Participant

October 12-14,2001 - Milwaukee ,WI

October 22-24,2004 -  Windsor , ON

September 30-October2,2005 – Milwaukee, WI


13th Annual Clinical Course in flow Cytometry and Image Analysis

August6-11,2000  - Lab Staff


15th Annual Clinical Course in flow Cytometry and Image Analysis

August 4-9,2002 -  Lab Staff








Serologic Diagnosis of Chagas Disease and Malaria (16 hours)

Biolab/Fleury, Sao Paulo Brasil , September 1991


Diagnosis of Viral Hepatitis (8 hours)

Biolab/Fleury, Sao Paulo Brasil , July 1995


PCR Application for Clinical  Laboratories and Forensic Medicine

(40 hours) Molecular Biology Lab. Santa Casa hospital Sao Paulo June1997


Quality Practices (4 hours)

Delboni Auriemo Clinical Laboratory , July 1997


ISO 9002 Project Implementation Training (4 hours)

Delboni Auriemo Clinical Laboratory , March 1998





Coulter XL Series Flow Cytometer ( 40 hours)

May 1994


NASBA HIV-1RNA QT (30 hours)

Akzo Nobel-Organon Teknika Division



MAGIA 8000 (Automation for ELISA) 88 hours

Merck diagnostics, March 1997


Cobas Core II (Automation for ELISA) 12 hours

Roche diagnostics, November 1997


BD FACSAria – Operator Course

BD Biosciences July19-23 ,2004