Susan A. Ludmann, M.S.

10838 NE 148th Lane B2

Bothell, WA 98011

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I am a highly skilled individual with 10 years postgraduate work experience in academic and biotechnology environments seeking challenging and rewarding employment with a biotechnology or biopharmaceutical company.




1991-1993                   MIAMI UNIVERSITY                                                                  Oxford, Ohio

                                    Master of Science, Zoology

1988-1991                   BOWLING GREEN STATE UNIVERSITY                   Bowling Green, Ohio

                                    Bachelor of Science, Biological Sciences




November 2005 – November 21, 2007 NASTECH PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANY

Bothell, WA

Research Associate

-  Screened fluorescently labeled siRNAs for cellular uptake in a variety of cell types using Fluorescently Activated Cell Sorting (FACS) and fluorescent microscopy.

Experience in staining and acquiring data using an FC500 Flow Cytometer (Beckman Coulter).

-  Developed flow cytometric assays to assess the endocytic pathways used for uptake of siRNAs and other formulations of interest.

-  Attended 29th Annual Course in Cytometry – Research Methods and Applications.  Bowdoin College, Brunswick, Maine

-  Screen compounds for permeability of high molecular weight molecules using an epiairway tissue model.  Assay employed include TEER reduction, MTT, LDH release and ELISAs

-  Cotransfections of plasmid and siRNAs for detection using a Dual Luciferase Reporter system

-  Deconvolution Fluorescent microscopy of epiairway tissue (multiple cell layers thick)


1997- October, 2005      ChromaVision Medical Systems (now CLARiENT, INC.)      

San Juan Capistrano, CA          

Associate Scientist (October, 2002 – October, 2005)

Immunocytochemist (October, 1997- October, 2002) 

-  Reported directly to the Chief Science Officer and as the first laboratory employee hired at this start-up company had a strong influence on the development of the laboratory.

-  Creative researcher capable of conceiving, designing and carrying-out experiments as well as organizing and presenting data allowing for rapid advancement of scientific projects.

-  Experience with HUVEC primary cell lines as well as various tumor cell lines.

-  Experience in staining and acquiring data using FACS AriaTM  to detect rare cells in the peripheral blood of cancer patients.

-  Magnetic enrichment of rare cells of interest from peripheral blood and bone marrow using the Miltenyi system.

-  Development of cell preparation techniques as well as immunocytochemical staining procedures to work optimally with Clarient’s Automated Cellular Imaging System (ACISTM).

-  Work has led to clinical collaborations with biopharmaceutical companies as well as prestigious medical institutions and academic groups.

-  Actively involved in management of Phase I and Phase II clinical trials being carried out by Clarient’s BioAnalytical Services Group.

-  Experience with writing SOPs and working in a GLP environment.

-  Computer software skills include Photoshop 7.0, Exel and Powerpoint.


1993-1997          UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA                                                           St.Paul, MN

Department of Genetics & Cell Biology

Junior Scientist (1995-1997)

Senior Laboratory Technician (1993-1995)

-  Immunofluorescence staining of mutant Drosophila ovaries with antibodies to various cytoskeletal proteins and subsequent confocal microscopic analysis.

-  Prepared and screened northern blots with P1 plasmids in an attempt to clone a gene involved in the organization of the actin cytoskeleton in Drosophila oogenesis.

-  Genetic analysis of EMS induced mutations in the cytoplasmic dynein heavy chain gene, as well as determining various loci which interact with the cytoplasmic dynein heavy chain gene (in particular the glued locus and kinesin heavy chain locus).

-  PCR and initial cloning of Drosophila gene sequences homologous to genes in other organisms which encode intermediate and light chain polypeptides in the dynein complex.


1991-1993                   MIAMI UNIVERSITY                                                                           Oxford, OH

Department of Zoology

Graduate Student

-  Conducted a biochemical and functional analysis of a motility mutant in Tetrahymena thermophila lacking flagellar outer arm dyneins.

-  Work included running 2-D (IEF) gels and Transmission Electron Microscopy.

-  Responsible for instructing General Biology and Developmental Biology laboratories.


1989-1991          BOWLING GREEN STATE UNIVERSITY                                           Bowling Green, OH

Laboratory Technician (May, 1991 - August, 1991)

Undergraduate Research Assistant (August, 1989-May, 1991)

-  Responsible for screening Drosophila melanogaster which had undergone a local duplication of a P transposable element for maternal effect mutations.

-  Conducted genetic crosses designed to eliminate a lethal mutation from a chromosome carrying a female-sterile mutation.

-  Conducted a northern blot analysis of female-sterile Drosophila to determine if a maternal- specific sequence corresponded to any of the female-sterile loci in the chromosomal region.




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