Dr.K.Murugesh, M.Pharm, Ph.D.

33,5th Main Road,

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Chennai-600044, INDIA.

Mobile number: 09944473423,

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To work in a creative environment where my research skills can be utilized to become Scientist / Post Doc Position in Pharmaceutical or biotech Industry in a project discipline that leverages the growth of the organization.


areas of interest


v      Phytochemistry and Phytopharmacology

v      Clinical research –bioanalytical department

v      Pharmaceutical chemistry and drug development


Educational credentials


Ph. D. (Pharmacy)     January 2007, Jadavpur University, Calcutta, West Bengal, India.


M.Pharm                    March 2002, The Tamilnadu Dr.M.G.R. Medical University,           

(Pharmaceutical         Chennai, Tamilnadu. India. First Class.         



B. Pharm                    April 1999, The Tamilnadu Dr.M.G.R. Medical University, Chennai, Tamilnadu. India. First Class.

Honors and awards


v      Awarded Doctorate in Pharmacy in 2007.

v      Qualified Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE-2000), particular in Pharmaceutical Sciences securing 77.22 percentile.

v      GRE qualified during Dec 2002.

v      College second during B.Pharm.

v      College second during Ist M.Pharm.

v      Awarded distinction in diploma in computer application (DCA).

dissertation title


“Phytochemical and pharmacological screening of Berberis tinctoria Lesch and Heliotropium zeylanicum (Burm.f) Lamk.”


academic experience

v      Worked as Assistant Professor in R.V.S College of Pharmacy at Coimbatore (Dec-2002 to Dec 2003).


 industrial research experience


v      Worked as Scientist in bio analytical department in VIMTA LABS at Hyderabad (Feb-2006 to March-2007).

v      Currently working as Scientist in Huclin Research Limited, Chennai (March to till Date).


technical skills  and abilities


v      Knowledge in Method development and Method validation of bio analytical methods using HPLC, UPLC and LCMSMS as per GLP and ICH guidelines.

v      Knowledge in Chromatographic principles with special emphasis on HPLC, UPLC and LC-MS/MS.

v      Capability of investigating and applying new and existing techniques for the efficient Bio analysis of drugs and drug metabolites.

v      Well versed with the design and usage of SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) in my present job.

v      Calibration and Maintenance of various analytical instruments like HPLC, UPLC, pH meter, analytical balances, micropipettes, etc. as per GLP.

v      Proficient in literature survey and interpretation of data.

v      Excellent communication and organizational skills and ability to work to deadlines.

v      Ability to work independently and as part of a team.

v      Flexible approach within the working environment.

v      Ability to collaborate actively with many research groups in different fields and to          initiate new contacts.


computer skills


v      All Microsoft office programs, including excel, PowerPoint and word.

v      Chemistry software packages including the ISIS Draw, Chem Draw.


Instruments Known to handle


v      LCMS-API-2000, 3200, 4000, Sciex Applied Bio-Systems, Canada.

v      UPLC Waters Acquity, USA.

v      HPLC Waters Alliance-2695, USA.

v      HPLC, Shimadzu Prominence, Japan.

v      HPLC, Agilent 1100 and1200 series, USA.

v      FT-IR spectrometer, Perkin Elmer, USA.

v      UV-Vis Spectrophotometer, Jasco, India,

v      Probe Sonicator Vibra Cell, Sonics, USA.

v      Automatic nitrogen evaporator, Turbo Vap LV, Zymax corp. USA.



v      Underwent training in Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Navi Mumbai. In analytical research department for two-month period from 21.08.2005 to 20.10.2005.

v      Underwent training in Karnataka Antibiotics Pharmaceutical Ltd., Bangalore.

      Departments Covered: Tablets, Liquids, Parenteral, Capsule, Antibiotics,

      Store and Quality Control Sections from 25.05.1998 to 25.06.1998.


Presentations - National / International conferences


v      Poster presentation of paper in XVII International Botanical Congress held at Austria, July-2005.”Hepato Protective and Antioxidant Role of Berberis tinctoria Lesch Leaves on Paracetamol Induced Hepatic Damage in Rats”. T.K.Maity, B.C.Maiti, K.Murugesh, Veerendra C Yeligar, Deepak Dash.

v      Poster presentation of paper in 37th Annual Conference of Indian Pharmacological Society held at Kolkata-2005, Studies on Leishmanicidal Potential of Berberis tinctoria Lesch Leaves (Berberidaceae)”Murugesh.K, Veerendra C.Yeligar, Bidhan C.Khan, Deepak. Dash, Sudipta Saha, Maity.T.K.

v      Poster presentation of paper in International conference on “Promotion and Development of Botanicals with International Coordination: Exploring quality, safety, efficacy and regulations held at Kolkata-2005 “Studies on Leishmanicidal Potential of Luffa tuberosa Roots” Veerendra.C.Yeligar, Murugesh.K, Bidhan.C.Khan, Deepak. Dash, Sudipta Saha, Maity.T.K.


list of publications


v      “Synthesis and antimicrobial activity of new 3-amino sulphonyl [3’-chloro-4’-(substituted phenyl) 2’-oxo azetidine] indole”. K.Murugesh, V.S.Saravanan, J.Thomas Leonard and G.Sonia. Asian J of Chem.Vol.17, No.2 (2005), 980-984.

v      “Synthesis and Pharmacological activities of 2, 3,4,10 tetrahydro 3, 10 dioxo 2-(substituted phenyl)[1,2,4] triazino [4,3-a] indoles”. K.Murugesh, V.S.Saravanan, J.Thomas Leonard and G.Sonia“Asian J of Chem.Vol.17, No.3 (2005), 1641-1645.

v      “Hepato Protective and Antioxidant Role of Berberis tinctoria Lesch Leaves on Paracetamol Induced Hepatic Damage in Rats”.K.Murugesh, Veerendra C Yeligar, B.C.Maiti, T.K.Maity. Iranian Journal of Pharmacology and Therapeutics.Vol 4, No.1, Jan 2006.

v      ”Effect of Berberis tinctoria Leaf (Berberidaceae) Extract on Antidiabetic, Antihyperlipidemic and Antioxidant Status in Streptozotocin Induced Diabetes in Rats”.K.Murugesh, Veerendra C Yeligar, B.C.Maiti, T.K.Maity. Oriental Pharmacy and Experimental Medicine Vol 6, No. 4, Dec 2006.

v      Antidiabetic, Antioxidant and Antihyperlipidemic Status of Heliotropium zeylanicum Extract on Streptozotocin-Induced Diabetes in Rats”.K. Murugesh, V. Yeligar, D. K. Dash, P. Sengupta, B. C. Maiti, and T. K. Maity Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin,Vol 29,No.11,2202,Dec-2006.

v      "Antineoplastic Activity of Crude Saponin mixture from the Roots of  Luffa tuberosa (Roxb.) in Ehrlich Ascites carcinoma  Bearing mice".Veerendra C.Yeligar, Murugesh K, Deepak Dash, Siva S. Nayak, Bhim C. Maiti and Tapan K. Maity . Natural Product Sciences (Korea) 12 (4) 2006, 247-253.

v      "Evaluation of Antidiabetic and Antihyperlipidemic Activity of Luffa tuberosa (Roxb.) Fruits in Streptozotocin induced Diabetic Rats ".Veerendra C.Yeligar, Murugesh K, Deepak kumar Dash, Siva Shankar Nayak, B. C. Maiti and Tapan K. Maity.Natural Product Sciences (Korea) 13 (1) 2007, 17-22.

Personal profile


Name in full (as per Passport):                                               K.MURUGESH.

Pharmacy Council Registration Number:                  4834 A1

Father’s Name:                                                           Late.R.KANDASAMY

Mother’s Name:                                                          M.KRISHNAVENI

Date of Birth:                                                               09-01-1977

Place of Birth:                                                             Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India.

Sex:                                                                             Male

Marital Status:                                                             Married

Nationality:                                                                  Indian

Permanent address:                                                   No.16/2, Narayanasamy Nagar,

Vadavalli, Coimbatore,

Tamil Nadu,


Present address:                                                         33,5th Main Road,

                                                                                    New Colony, Chrompet, Chennai,


Mobile number:                                                           09944473423.




Dr.T.K.Maity,                                                                         Dr.T.Sen,

Reader,                                                                       Reader,

Dept.of pharmaceutical chemistry,                            Dept of pharmacology,

Dept. of Pharmaceutical Technology,                        Dept.of Pharmaceutical Technology,

Jadavpur University,                                                   Jadavpur University,

Kolkata – 700 032, India.                                            Kolkata – 700032, India.

Email – jutkmaity@yahoo.com                                  Email-tssen@hotmail.com

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Dr.Asok Kumar,

Senior lecturer,

Pharmacology and pharmacokinetics department,

SRIPMS College of Pharmacy,

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