Clinical Applications of Flow Cytometry


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Lecture 2

Clinical Applications of Flow Cytometry

Primary areas

Purdue University Cancer Center & Purdue University Cytometry Laboratories

Brief Introduction to Flow Cytometry

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A Histogram (a frequency distribution graph)

DNA Probes

DNA/RNA Probes

The Cell Cycle

Definitions & Terms

Definitions & Terms

Definitions & Terms

A DNA histogram

A typical DNA Histogram

Multiparameter gating

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Measurement of Apoptosis

Detection Methods for Apoptotis

Flow Cytometry of Apoptotic Cells

Labeling Strand Breaks with dUTP [Fluorescein-deoxyuridine triphosphate (dUTP)]

Nuclear Antigens

Nuclear antigens

Differential Inflammatory Cell Count

Simultaneous UV & Visible Light

Hoechst & PI Fluorescence

Boar Sperm

Human Sperm

Human Sperm - PI - Sybr-Green I


Uptake of rhodamine 123 by M.luteus

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Light Scatter of Bacterial Spores

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Microbial Identification Using Antibodies

Phenotyping - Immunophenotyping

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Immunofluorescence staining

Direct staining

Indirect staining

Avidin-Biotin method I

Three Color Lymphocyte Patterns

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From Duque et al, Clin.Immunol.News.

Cellular Function


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